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Why am I running

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I am running because this is a pivotal moment in the history of our County.  As a middle class renter, union member, environmental scientist and non-profit developer, fluent Spanish speaker, former UCSC grad student, educator, and former Mayor, I believe that my leadership and life experience will help us forge a sustainable path forward for our environment, community, local economy, and future generations.  Reflecting on my term as Council member, Vice Mayor, and Mayor of Santa Cruz, I made it a point to put aside political differences to listen and work with all members of the Council and community, and effectively brought forward policies that benefit all of the residents of Santa Cruz.  I am now asking for your endorsement, support, and vote to do the same as Third District County Supervisor of Santa Cruz County.

As Third District County Supervisor, together under my leadership, we will work to not only rebuild communities devastated by the 2020 CZU fires, but reinforce our communities against future climate change impacts.  We will put climate change mitigation at the forefront, continue working to reach net zero CO2 emissions, and mitigate the negative human impacts on our forests, beaches, and ocean habitats.  We will work with our public safety agencies to improve old ways and explore new ways of addressing public safety and responding to calls for mental and behavioral health, and substance abuse.  We will prioritize the implementation of restorative justice to stop the revolving door of the prison industrial complex and create pathways for community reconciliation and healing for those who are willing to work towards improvement. We will fight to ensure that UCSC is held accountable for its projected growth.


We will fight to protect our neighborhoods from over development, which means we will need to fight State efforts to strip local communities of land use planning decision making.  We will build more affordable housing to support middle and low income families and workers that desperately struggle to make ends meet.  We will work with our local businesses, Unions, industry partners, and educational institutions to develop the workforce of tomorrow, to ensure that good paying jobs in our community go to locals and stay in our community.  And we will fight to ensure that low and middle income residents and non-profits that serve communities of color are receiving the resources they need to uplift struggling families and create pathways for upward socioeconomic mobility.


I say ‘WE’ because I can’t do this alone, but if there is one thing that I learned as Mayor during 2020 it’s that together we can overcome the biggest of challenges.  As a middle class worker, environmental scientist, former UCSC grad student, Union member, educator, non-profit developer, African American and former Mayor I would bring leadership, life skills, diversity representation to our Board of Supervisors that has never been seen in the history of Santa Cruz.  My seat would ensure that there is diverse racial and socioeconomic representation on the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, which is critical for our struggling low and middle income communities.  In order to make this happen I need and am asking for your help, endorsement, a donation, and your vote in June of 2022. I am committed to working with you and the community to bring about a prosperous, diverse, equitable, and inclusive community where everyone can enjoy the beauty of Santa Cruz. 

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