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If you received a ballot VOTE Justin Cummings and you can return TODAY to any voting location or to the 24/7 drop boxes. You can also return by mail and ballot must be post marked by November 8 th . We recommend returning to a voting location or drop box. You can register to track your ballot after you turn it in here.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A BALLOT in hand, you can only same day register and vote. Go to any voting location or look on the Vote Mobile Trailer schedule to see when it is in your neighborhood.

You must vote for your voice to be heard! Please join with labor, affordable housing experts, the CA Democratic Party, environmental advocates, and your community in voting for Justin Cummings for Third District Board of Supervisors. 

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Why I am running 


This is a pivotal moment in the history of Santa Cruz County.  With skyrocketing housing costs outpacing wages, rebuilding from the CZU fires, the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, a homelessness emergency, the need for alternatives to crisis response, and the need to create climate change solutions NOW, we need strong leadership on the board of supervisors that will hear the needs of the community and take acton to get things done.  As a middle class renter, union member, environmental scientist and non-profit developer, educator, and former Santa Cruz Mayor, I believe that my leadership and life experience will help us forge a sustainable path forward for our environment, community, local economy, and future generations.  

Meet Former Mayor Dr. Justin Cummings

Dr. Justin Cummings is an environmental scientist with over 20 years of experience studying and working on issues such as climate change, habitat restoration, social and environmental justice, and environmental conservation. 
Most recently he has transferred his skills to secure grants to create and manage non-profit STEM education and professional workforce development programs centered on promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in emerging tech and environmental conservation sectors.  

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Endorsements for Justin Cummings for 3rd District Supervisor



  • Sam Farr; Former U.S. Representative for California's 17th and 20th Congressional Districts

  • Greg Caput; Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisor, District 4

  • Luis Alejo; Monterey County Board of Supervisor, District 1, former California State Assemblymember 30th District, former Watsonville Mayor

  • Gary Patton; Former Third District Santa Cruz County Supervisor

  • Bruce VanAllen; Trustee Santa Cruz County Board of Education, Former Mayor City of Santa Cruz

  • Felipe Hernandez; Cabrillo College Governing Board Trustee Area 5; Former Mayor City of Watsonville

  • Sonja Brunner; Mayor City of Santa Cruz

  • Sandy Brown; Santa Cruz City Councilmember

  • Kristen Petersen; Former Mayor of Capitola and current Councilmember 

  • Francisco "Paco" Estrada; Former Mayor of Watsonville and current Councilmember

  • Vanessa Quiroz-Carter; Watsonville City Councilmember

  • Lowell Hurst; Watsonville City Councilmember

  • Lisa Berkley; Marina City Councilmember

  • Bruce Jaffe; Soquel Creek Water District, Director 

  • Katherine Beiers; Former Mayor City of Santa Cruz

  • Tim Fitzmaurice, Former Mayor City of Santa Cruz

  • Jane Weed-Pomerantz; Former Mayor City of Santa Cruz

  • Ramon Gomez; Former Mayor Pro Tem of Watsonville

  • Ed Porter; Former Santa Cruz City Councilmember

  • Micah Posner; Former Santa Cruz City Councilmember

  • Anna Zivian; Former Council member Telluride Town, Commissioner San Miguel County 


*titles for identification purposes 

  • Johnny Agnone

  • Ross Albert

  • Allison Stafford Albert

  • Magi Amma, Sculptor / Computer Engineer

  • Sally Arnold

  • Ted Altenberg, Retired Educator

  • Robert Atkinson, Teacher

  • Courtney Rose Atkinson

  • Carmelita Austin-Schreher, Registered Dental Hygienist/ Non-profit Health Director 

  • Na'ama Barson

  • Lynn Basehore-Cooper

  • Carlos Becerra

  • Jessy Beckett Parr, California Certified Organic Farms, Chief Program Officer

  • Jacquie Benetua-Rolens, Nonprofit Communications & Community Engagement

  • Cher Bergeon, Former Academic Preceptor, Oakes College

  • Lisa Berkley, UCSC Professor

  • Jaime Boddorff, Photo Editor and Founder of Nudi Goods

  • Abe Borker, Academic Coordinator

  • Jack Bowers, Retired, Former Prison Music Teacher 

  • ​Josh Brahinsky​

  • Stony Brooks

  • Jennifer Lanford Brown, Residential Counselor (behavioral health)

  • Eva Brunner

  • Jason Burdick

  • Roxanne Burdick

  • Xaloc Cabanes, Counselor

  • Cathy Calfo

  • Bob Campbell, Retired, Nonprofit Administrator

  • Ray Cancino

  • Paris Cannon

  • Julie Castro

  • Susan Cavalieri, Retired, Registered Nurse

  • Brian Carey

  • Kristin Carter

  • Lin Florinda Colavin, Former LMFT, County of Santa Clara

  • Helen Cooper

  • Melina Cortez

  • Phillip Crawford

  • Melissa Cronin

  • Penelope Curtis

  • James Cunningham

  • TJ Demos, Professor

  • Bill Denevan

  • Cory Devilbiss

  • Barbara Diamond, Kitchen and Bathroom Designer

  • Angelee Dion, Retired Architect

  • Emily Donham, Graduate Student

  • Colleen Douglas, Redwood Forest Guide

  • Jane Doyle, Professor, Former chief of Childrens Public Health Santa Cruz County

  • Daniel Drysdale

  • Keresha Durham, Bilingual Educator, Environmental Activist, Poet

  • Jennie Dusheck, Science writer and green landlord

  • Dede Eckhardt, Wine shop manager

  • Denise Elerick, Dental hygienist 

  • Paul Elerick

  • Nancy Elliott, Retired Physician Assistant

  • Gerda Endemann, Senior Director, Science and Research

  • Lani Falkner, Former Research Scientists, Current Massage Therapist Activist

  • Stacey Falls, Santa Cruz High Teacher

  • Ellen Farmer, Writer and Editor

  • Frankie Farr

  • Faisal "Faz" Fazilat

  • Rebecca Fenwick

  • Meghann Finn

  • Dana Williams Fiske, Art/Antique dealer, artist

  • Ellen Fitzgerald, Librarian

  • Tim Fitzmaurice, UCSC Lecturer, Prison Arts Teacher

  • Joy Flynn

  • Natasha Fraley, Science Writer

  • Dana Frank, Professor

  • Marianne Franks

  • Sayo Fujioka, Education

  • John Gamman

  • Stacey Garcia, Engagement Officer

  • Igor Garvic

  • Kiyo Gaza

  • ​Gregory Gilbert, Professor

  • Shandara Gill

  • Maria Gitin

  • Andrew Goldenkranz, Educator

  • Julia Goodman

  • Erick Granath

  • Amelia Gray, University Admissions

  • Patrick Green

  • Steve Greenberg

  • Gillian Greensite, Retired Educator

  • Celeste Gutierrez, Educator

  • John Hall, Retired Research professor

  • Amanda Harris Altice, Web and Graphic Designer

  • Don Hartley

  • Jason Hatfield

  • Amy Henderson, Lawyer

  • Nita Hertel

  • Kelsey Hill

  • Denise Holbert

  • Travis Howe

  • Monica Howe

  • Eric Howell

  • Elaine Johnson, Legal Profession

  • Paul Johnston, Sociologist

  • Jennifer Juniper, Real Estate, Food Service

  • Serg Kagno

  • Brandon Michael Kahl

  • Matt Kazee, Creative Director

  • Kyle Kelley​, Transportation and Public Works Commissioner

  • Kinsey Kelsen, Director of Sales 

  • Samuel Kemp, Project Manager

  • Traci Kendall, Marine Scientist

  • Lizann Keyes

  • Stephanie Kimitsuka, General Manager, The Hook Outlet

  • Steven King

  • Peter Klotz-Chamberlin, Retired Electrical Contractor

  • Bill Kocher

  • Mary Anne Kramer-Urner, Physical Therapist 

  • Freida Krieger

  • Kayla Kumar

  • Caroline Kuspa, Assistant Talent Buyer, Student, Digital Designer

  • Adrian Kyle

  • Alun Lang, Building Construction Superintendent 

  • Barney Langner Jr. 

  • Denise Langner

  • Taj Leahy

  • Amy Lebickuck

  • Kat Loe

  • Karen Madura, Small Business Owner

  • Emma Magelssen

  • Pat Malo

  • Susan Martinez, Retired, Budget Analyst UCSC

  • Jessica Martinez-McKinney, Associate Planner

  • Sean Maxwell

  • Dan McFadden

  • Sean McGowen

  • Mary McMillan, Retired

  • Valeria Miranda

  • Lindsay Milam

  • Adam Morales

  • Robert T. Morgan

  • Khalil Moutawakkil

  • John Mulry

  • Jordan Murray, UCSC student

  • Brian Murtha

  • Ellen Murtha

  • Abi Mustapha

  • Krista Myers

  • Matthew Nathanson, Public Health Nurse

  • Joanna Nelson, Ecologist and Climate-Action Lead

  • Matt Nisownger, Publisher/Lineman 

  • Irene O'Connell

  • Maureen O'Connell, Retired Film Editor 

  • Pablo Orozco-Castro

  • Tyler Oxford

  • Steve Palmisano

  • Westley Pannell

  • Ingrid Parker, Professor

  • Jessica Parr, California Certified Organic Farmers Chief Program Officer

  • Thomas Pederson

  • Ron Pomerantz

  • Tamar Ragir, Teacher

  • Rudy Ramos

  • Costanza Rampini, Professor, SJSU

  • Craig Reinarman, Professor Emeritus, UCSC

  • Taylor Reinhold

  • David Revell, Scientist

  • Mary Reynolds, Retired Registered Nurse

  • Andy Ritchie

  • Anthony Robinson

  • Steve Rogers

  • Sam Rolens, Chief of Communications & Community Engagement -Santa Cruz City Schools

  • James Rueff, UCSC grad student

  • Mary-Kathryn Rueff

  • Ann Marie Russell

  • Roland Saher

  • Suzanne Samson

  • Kathy Sandige

  • Jeremy Sanford

  • Jenny Sarmiento

  • Glen Schaller

  • Joy Schendledecker, Artist and Community Organizer

  • Zach Schwarzbach

  • Chris Schwind

  • Barry Scott

  • Dennis Scott

  • Matt Scott

  • Peter Scott

  • Pauline Seales

  • Evan Shanbrom

  • Bodie Shargel

  • Fe Silva-Robles

  • Eric Simmons

  • Ann Simonton

  • Mathew E. Simpson

  • Jeffrey Smedberg

  • JD Sotelo

  • Daniel Spelce

  • Katie Spencer

  • David Stearns

  • Paul Steinberg

  • Leslie Steiner

  • Jonathan Stern

  • Gabrielle Stocker

  • Tatiana Stone

  • Mary Strunk, Retired Teacher 

  • Michelle Supancich, Family law paralegal

  • Krisna Supatra-Campbell

  • Tané Tachyon, Software Developer

  • Bob Taren

  • Garth Taylor

  • Bernie Tershy

  • Damani Thomas

  • Joe Thompson, Starbucks Barista/Union Organizer

  • Wyatt Thompson Johnson III

  • Ian Thornberg

  • Max Turigliatto

  • Mike Vann

  • David Van Brink

  • MacKendre Van Hall

  • Molly Waite

  • Lun Wang

  • Rick Walker, Musician, Producer, Professor, Author, Y2K Loopiest Founder

  • Alli Webster

  • Alec Webster

  • Claudia Webster, Retired Teacher

  • James Weller

  • David Werlin

  • Brenda Whitley

  • Don Williams

  • Jesse Kenneth Cotu Williams

  • Cat Willis

  • Linda Wilshusen

  • Jacqueline Wilson Cummings

  • Keith Wilson

  • Debra Wirkman, Environmental Analytical Chemist,Science Writer and Editor

  • Jonathan Wittwer

  • Erin Wood

  • Jake Wormhoudt

  • Erika Zavaleta

  • Stephen Zunes

Chip In
Every donation counts! Help us cross the finish line and start creating the change you want to see.

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